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Silicon City Hospital

One of the Best Hospital in Hoskote, Bangalore.

Silicon City Hospital started in the year of 2017 and hospital officially opened its doors to integrated healthcare. Over the years, the hospital has emerged as a centre of best healthcare excellence for patients in India through a broad range of advanced clinical programs and the most cutting-edge treatments and diagnostic services. Now Silicon wCity Hospital is one of the best and most comprehensive, independent multi-specialty / super speciality hospital in Bangalore Rural District at Hoskote started with a concept of golden hour for Emergency and Trauma care.

Silicon City Hospital situated over NH75 and providing 24hrs Trauma and Emergency Care including Neuro Surgery, Orthopedics, Emergency Physician, Plastic Surgery, Facio Maxillary Surgery, Urology, Gastroenterology, G.I Surgery, Medical, Onco Surgery, Joint Replacement, Sports Medicine, Cardiology, Cardiovascular Surgery, Gynecology, Dental Surgery, Skin & Cosmetics, Hair Transplantation & more running with twelve bedded, ICU Care with Ventilator Services.

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